6 Must Have Apps for Londoners

London apps

Living in London can come with its challenges. Here are a few apps that will help you live London life to the max.

                                               City Mapper

Tell it where you want to go and and where you want to get to and it will provide you with every single way of doing it, how long it will take and how much each route will cost. It even takes into account waiting for a tube, walking times and that guy who holds everyone up at the ticket barriers.  This is the essential app for any Londoner who wants to get everywhere with German-like efficiency. 


yplan - gradlifelondon.com

Want to go out but want to spice things up a little bit? YPlan will sort you out with tickets to some of London’s most exclusive events.  Hot tub cinemas, pop-up restaurants, secret one-off events and even chess boxing, meaning that you will become the a fountain of knowledge amongst all of your friends. Often the tickets are discounted too, so you’re also saving a bit of extra money along the way. 

London Bus Live Countdown

london bus countdown - gradlifelondon.com

For a Londoner, waiting for a bus for any longer than a minute is bad enough, having no idea when the bus is going to turn up though, is worse than finding out you appeared on an episode of Fried Chicken Shop.  This app is no miracle worker it just lets you know when your bus will arrive at your stop, unfortunately your bus won’t turn up any quicker.  Peace of mind is priceless, and that’s what you get with this app; which just happens to be free too. What a bargain. 


tastecard - gradlifelondon.comEating out in London can be expensive, and if you’re trying to impress ‘The One’ unfortunately Nandos probably isn’t going to cut it (n.b. if Nandos does cut it, marry them). Tastecard is an app that has 241 deals at countless restaurants across the country. So now you can schmooze away at some of London’s top restaurants without worrying about breaking the bank. There is a membership fee for this privelege; but anyone can get a 30 day free trial so start off with that. 


Hailo - gradlifelondon.comWhen you first move to London you automatically assume that if you shout ‘TAXI’ as loud as possible, one will arrive in front of you within seconds. As romantic as this might be, it’s not realistic. Hailo will find your nearest London cab and book it for you so that you’ll never be left hanging again. Beyonce once said ‘can I feel your Hailo, Hailo, Hailo,’ and this app was exactly what she meant. 


tinder - gradlifelondon.comIt took 7 days for God to create the earth. It has taken him millions of years to create Tinder; that’s how good this app is. The rules are simple. Login through your Facebook account, swipe right if you fancy them, left if you don’t and if you both like each other you get to chat to them. You also get to see whether or not you have any mutual friends which may or may not make things wonderfully awkward! 


Got any others that you would add to this list? Post a comment below and share the love!

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