About Alex


Who am I?
A question that’s way too deep for this blog.

Why I set up this blog?
Initially, it was set up to help recent grads who had just moved to London settle in and acclimatise.  Now, it is no more than an occasional form of therapy.

What I do
Client Enablement Director at Kalki Consulting
Founder of TEDxClapham
Elite speaker coach
SME Consultant
(Sporadic) blogger

Tick boxes (in no particular order)
1.  Attend every Olympics until I die.  Beijing and London – Tick. Having applied for nearly 40 different events in Rio 2016, I ended up with the Women’s Volleyball on Copacabana Beach… While this certainly wasn’t my first choice, I have decided to not let that get in the away of achieving this goal.
2.  Be invited to play at the Necker Cup.  How cool does that look?!  When this happens, I’ll definitely know I’m heading in the right direction.
3.  To own a dog (husky or Alsatian) that runs with me around Battersea Park.

People I’d like to invite for dinner
Jamie Oliver (not just for his cooking), JK Rowling (for her intellect), Roald Dahl (for his stories), Jessica Ennis (for her versatility), Rob Brydon (for his humour)

Favourite Quote
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication – Sir Jony Ive

3 thoughts on “About Alex

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  2. Alex, I am having my first meeting tomorrow to start the process of organizing my first TEDx conference, your writing on the subject has been a terrific help! My original idea was a speaker series for local Girl Scouts, but found the format to be too loose I then attended my first TEDx event last week, TEDxToledo, I can say I’ve never felt more comfortable with a group of people. (I have viewed many, many TED talks and believe this format will change the way the world thinks, what it thinks about and how it communicates.) I decided then that I would use the TEDx format for my speaker series. The theme I’d like to work with is “Hindsight, Insight, Foresight” While I am very nervous, I am confident that if I work hard, pay attention to details and gather a great group of people to work on this with me, I will be successful in organizing a TEDx event! I haven’t licensed the conference name, once I secure a venue and date, and speak with a media consultant, I’ll feel more confident making the jump! Again, thanks so much for sharing your insight, it is greatly appreciated. Teresa, Fairlawn, OH, United States

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