My TEDx Vision

One of the main reasons for writing the ‘TED Talks of Tomorrow‘ article is because I want to run a TEDx event that will make a lasting impact on the community and inspire those all lucky enough to be in the audience.  To be able to persuade just one of those figures to speak at the conference would be impressive.  However, if I can put together the right team, I truly believe we could create one of the best TEDx events that London has ever seen.

So, the journey has begun to create TEDxClapham; after all where better to have the event than the hub of graduate life?   Those that join the team will have the chance to meet with some of London’s future influencers, add several new strings to their bow and be a part of something that’s reach could easily exceed London.  There is no doubt that it’s going to be a journey full of highs and lows, a phenomenal learning experience and most importantly a lot of fun.

There has already been lots of interest, and unfortunately there is a limited number of places available, but in the spirit of TED, the opportunity is open to everyone.  Those wishing to get involved must dream big, have unwavering commitment and relish a challenge. If this is you, fill out the form below and I will be in touch with the next step within a week.

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