TED Talks of Tomorrow

This week is set to be one of the most significant in TED’s history.  It marks 30 years of bringing together some of the world’s most forward-thinking minds to spread their ideas in a 3-18 minute talk.  It is also the start of their biggest event of the year; TED2014: The Next Chapter and the line-up looks phenomenal, with an extensive range of speakers that is set to captivate TED addicts across the globe.

This year’s conference will see some of the greats returning to the stage; take Simon Sinek for example, who already has one of the most watched TED talks ever.  TED2014 will also pay tribute to some of 2013’s leaders, explorers and visionaries.  Astronaut Chris Hadfield will be among those speakers; having built up a substantial following with his tweets and Youtube video covering David Bowie’s ‘Space Oddity’ whilst aboard the International Space Station. It will be an incredible event and for those who aren’t able to pop over to Vancouver, don’t fret, videos of the talks will be on their website!

For those of you who live in London – there is even less need to panic! In the spirit of TED’s mission ‘ideas worth spreading’, they have a TEDx programme.  These are a series of independently run events designed to give everyone the opportunity to be inspired.

I am currently in the planning stages of TEDxClapham and the heart of it’s success lies in the team that runs the event and quality of speakers on show.  So whilst preparing my vision for the event, I started to think about who should take the TED stage.  I’m sure there are a few faces below that you might recognise – but click on their pictures and take a look… some of the reasons why I think they are the TED speakers of the future might not be as obvious as you think.

Now I’m not saying that everyone in this list of VIPs will agree to speak at TEDxClapham, but one thing I can say for sure is that the team and I will give it our very best shot.  One of the great things about TEDx is that there is a whole host of unsung talent out there which is going to make this journey very exciting for all those involved. If you want to find out more about my TEDx vision or would like the chance to become part of the team that puts this event together click here to apply.

Sir Tim Smit KBE gradlifelondon.comShaa Wasmund gradlifelondon.comWill.I.Am gradlifelondon.comRussel Brand gradlifelondon.comJohn Pendry gradlifelondon.comDr Lucie Green gradlifelondon.comKarren Brady gradlifelondon.comGuy Watts gradlifelondon.comBen Hunt-Davis gradlifelondon.comDerren Browne gradlifelondon.comAimee Bateman gradlifelondon.comAsker Jeukendrup gradlifelondon.com
Who do you think should be getting up on that stage? Leave us a comment below! 

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